Webmail for studenter og ansatte ved NMBU / Webmail for students and employees at NMBU.

Ansatte og organisasjoner ved NMBU / Employees and organizations at NMBU

Studenter ved NMBU / Students at NMBU

01.11.2015: Locked out from your account? Here's the procedure for unlocking it:

1. Go to the webpage http://password.nmbu.no
2. Log on using either:
2.a. Your username and your old password
2.b. Your norwegian identity number (personnummer) and a one-time-password received by SMS or your PIN-code from StudWeb
3. Set a new password

The new password will be valid after about one minute.

I en overgangsfase vil gamle løsninger være tilgjengelige. Det er ikke mulig å sende epost ut herfra.

In a transition phase old email solutions will remain available. They can recieve but not send emails.

Ansatte ved NVH / Employees at NVH

Ansatte ved UMB / Employees at UMB

Studenter ved NVH / Students at NVH

Studenter ved UMB / Students at UMB

IT-avdelingen / IT-department